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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


What is Jikiden Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. This energy is the natural, vital healing force found in all life. Jikiden Reiki stands for Usui Reiki teachings from an original authentic Japanese lineage. The word "Jikiden" means directly handed down" in Japanese. Jikiden Reiki is closely aligned with the Reiki Gokai (Precepts) for Health and Happiness authored by Mikao Usui.

What does Reiki do?
Reiki is a hands on and distant healing art and practice that attune and develop natural latent human healing energy and balances body, mind, heart and spirit in a structured way through light, gentle, non-intrusive touch and compassionate intention and regard. When a Reiki practitioner places hands on an area of their own or a client's clothed body, Reiki flows from the practitioner to the client and then back to the practitioner in a circle of compassionate energy that starts when the treatment begins and ends when the treatment stops usually an hour to an hour and a half to two hours later.

Is Reiki associated with a Religion?
No Reiki is not Religious. The Founder of Reiki was a Japanese man by the name of Mikao Usui who uncovered Reiki during his spiritual quest. Having lived in an environment where Shinto, Taoist, and Buddhist beliefs co-existed there are some influence of these philosophies. Both Reiki and spirituality focus on self-care. Reiki is as a spiritual practice that complements any particular faith to promote physical and emotional healing.

What should I expect during a treatment?
Although the experience of reiki treatment is completely individual -- experienced by both the client and the practitioner as a variety of sensations, including, heat, cold, vibration, tingling, unusual heaviness or lightness, or no sensation at all -- it is often reported as accompanied by a deep feeling of warmth, well-being, comfort, deep relaxation, and revitalization. Reiki relaxes muscles, stills the mind, and eases pain.

How often should I come in for sessions?
If you are undergoing major shifts, dealing with chronic illness, pain or physical disease sessions scheduled back to back or within a week or so will be more beneficial. If you are just looking for an energy boost or release my rule is that if you are starting to think about it-it is probably time to schedule one!

What should I wear to a Reiki Session?
You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, remove glasses, shoes and unnecessary heavy jewelry. Since you remain fully clothed it is important for you to be completely comfortable.

How do you open my Akashic Records?
I will access your personal record by reciting a sacred prayer that leads me into the center of the Records. All I will need is your full legal name as your name creates your energetic imprint in the Akasha.

What are the Records used for?
The Records are used to assist with clarity in your life. To understand the blueprint of your soul, to become aware of your true self and Divine nature. The primary concerns of the Records are: who you are, who you know yourself to be and who you are becoming.

What kinds of questions can I ask in the Records and how can I prepare?
Consider areas of your life that you would like more information about. Think about issues that seem to keep you challenged or stuck. Think about where you would like more insight, guidance and healing information. When asking questions, yes/no or "when" type questions are not as valuable as questions that begin with "why, what, or how" Examples of good questions would be "What am I meant to learn (about a situation)?" "What can I do right now to find peace/healing/forgiveness?" Akashic Record Readings are not the same a psychic readings so you can be as specific as you want in the questions you ask. Vague questions do not offer as much guidance as being focused with your questions.

Who are the Masters/Teachers/Loved Ones of the Records?
The Masters are Light beings who possess collective conscious knowledge and are here to help guide humanity. The Teachers have experienced human life and were those that came to Earth with the mission of peace and love. They are evolved souls to help teach and guide others towards enlightenment (example: Buddha, Jesus) The teachers offer a collective message for love, peace and the betterment of humanity. The Loved Ones are Souls that have gone before you but offer loving guidance when you call on them. They are individuals that once loved and cared about you in your current life.